Give the gift of a spa day


Exclusively offering Japanese Ashiatsu


Get stoned: Heated stones + Swedish massage.

Columbus Massage Special: Feel Good Tuesdays

We think Tuesdays are perfect for relaxing. Get your mind and body tuned up for the rest of the work week by reserving you $55 session before they are all booked. 


Exclusively Offering Ashiatsu

We are proud to be one of the only providers of the ashiatsu massage technique in Columbus, Ohio. Translated to "foot pressure," ashiatsu is a Japanese deep tissue massage using feet and human weight to unlock body chemistry and reduce stress.


Gift Certificates

The element of surprise: Show someone just how much you care about him or her with an Open Sky Day Spa gift certificate. Buy a particular spa service or set a monetary value and give the gift of looking and feeling your best. Gift certificate are non refundable and can not be redemmed as cash or credit.


Columbus, Ohio Massage, Facial and Spa Services

Columbus Massage

Life is great, but it’s also stressful. That’s why we offer over ten different types of massages to help you unwind, distress, and become pain free. Whether you want a massage that allows for a little extra quality time with your significant other, love the way our Thai massage energizes your mind and body, or want to try something new like our neuromuscular therapy, we’ll make you feel great.

Columbus Facials

Let’s face it, your face works hard. It smiles, bends, and moves all day long—not to mention taking the brunt of the sun’s rays. Our facial treatments will rejuvenate your skin cells taking away the daily wear-and-tear your face endures. We offer exfoliation, extraction, toner, moisturizer, and detoxifying oils using natural products and methods.  

Columbus Waxing and Tinting

Hair that’s barely there vs. hair that looks the way you want. We do both. Anywhere hair grows on your body, we’ll wax it away to leave you feeling smooth and beautiful. For the hair you want to keep, we offer tinting services to enhance or darken the color of your brows and lashes. 

Columbus Spa Packages

The best things in life come in pairs. Our spa packages take the best of what we offer and allows you to mix-and-match services to create the ultimate feel-good experience. Choose from massages, facials, foot scrubs, or build your own custom package. Whichever spa package you select, one thing’s certain when you leave our spa, being you never felt so good.