What is Ashiatsu Massage?


We exclusively offer Columbus Ashiatsu Massage to Central Ohio

If you’ve never had an Ashiatsu massage, then you most likely have no clue what it is and how amazing your mind and body will feel when it’s finished. As its name suggests, the Ashiatsu technique began centuries ago in Asia when traditional Chinese medicine was used to treat sickness—not just for stress and sore muscles. We at Open Sky Day Spa are so pleased to be one of the only providers of Ashiatsu in not only Columbus, but also Central Ohio.

How Ashiatsu Massage Works?
Our Ashiatsu-certified massage therapists uses a combination of their hands and feet to work your body from head to toe. This technique uses gravity as its biggest point of leverage to unravel stress and unlock your body’s harmony. We installed parallel bars above the massage table that our Ashiatsu therapist uses to help control the angle and degree of the massage on pressure points.

Why Should You Try Ashiatsu Massage?
Ashiatsu massage provides a level of deep-tissue massage without the force and pressure that can typically cause bruising to deeper layered muscles. Its benefits include a wider range in motion, relief in muscle/joint pain and opens up the intervertebral disc space. Think of it this way: our Ashiatsu massages have the power of a deep-tissue massage but feel like a Swedish massage.

Book an Ashiatsu Massage
Open Sky Day Spa is an exclusive provider of Ashiatsu Columbus massages. Interested in booking yours? We’d love to have you in. We also provide everything from Swedish and hot stone massages to facials and waxing.