Deep Tissue Massage 101


What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

You’ve probably heard that it’s like a Swedish Massage but stronger. And for the most part, that’s what you believe when you try to compare the two, however, they’re not really comparable. Yes, some of the motions and movements may mirror one another, but a Swedish Massage is meant for relaxation.

As for your Deep Tissue Massage, pressure is applied with purpose and intent. There’s a reason you’re getting a Deep Tissue Massage. Whether it’s to focus on a problem area or facilitate healing, a Deep Tissue Massage is purposeful.

What happens during a Deep Tissue Massage?

When you go in for a Deep Tissue Massage, you’ll speak to your massage therapist about what areas you want to focus on. Deep Tissue Massage involves applying firm pressure to reach the deeper layers of muscle and fascia, which is the connective tissue surrounding your muscles. Because these massages are used for therapy and rehabilitation, you may experience discomfort. But if you ever feel pain, that’s when you let your therapist know so they can find alternative ways to relieve pain in your problem area.

What are important things to know about your Deep Tissue Massage visit?

The hardest part of an LMTs job is to determine how much pressure to use during a deep tissue massage. Please give feedback! If you want lighter pressure or deeper pressure, please let your therapist know and they will try to adjust to what pressure you prefer.  The therapists will not get upset if you request a pressure change. Not every LMT can give deep tissue massage, and if you ask for more pressure and aren't getting it, they just might not be able to physically do it!  

Another thing to know is that deep tissue massages also includes other services such as Cupping and Ashiatsu. If your therapist can't apply enough pressure for you, consider trying a Cupping or Ashiatsu session. 


What are the benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage?

Glad you asked. Here are some of the biggest benefits of your new favorite massage:

  • Aids Injury Rehabilitation

  • Improves Postural Problems

  • Eases Chronic Muscle Pain and Tension

  • Lowers High Blood Pressure

  • Relieves Back and Neck Pain

  • Improves Joint Mobility

  • Aids Sports-Related Muscle Recovery

  • Eases Condition-Related Pain (Check with your doctor.)

  • Helps Arthritis Pain/Symptoms

  • Breaks Down Scar Tissue

  • Reduces Chronic Pain

Think a Deep Tissue Massage is your best bet?


30-minute session: $40

45-minute session: $55

60-minute session: $70

90-minute session: $90

120-minute session: $133

Lindsey Son