has been practicing massage since 2012. She enjoys working with people on their specific problem areas using a combination of Ashiatsu and other techniques, including Active Release, Myofascial release & trigger point therapy (NMT). Ashley can customize any session to your needs. She uses a range of pressure from light to very firm.


has been a practicing massage therapist since 2009. She specializes in trigger point therapy (NMT), which helps to release constricted areas in the muscle to relieve pain & help regain mobility. She performs Angel healing, which is a form of energy healing that removes all kinds of energy blocks in your mind, body & spirit to help unleash your creative gifts, true potential & initiate profound healing. She also specializes in sound healing (using tuning forks to harmonize body cells using sound & vibration), Ashiatsu & prenatal massage. Rose uses a range of pressure from light to medium-firm.


has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2016. He uses a variable pressure from light to firm, specializing in pain relief. He specializes in cupping & also offers prenatal & relaxation massage.


has more than 19 years of licensed massage experience. Her bodywork style is nurturing & holistic. She has honed her skills & brought intuitive touch to her specialization in therapeutic deep tissue massage. Kelly is passionate about helping people find rejuvenation & renewal amidst the stresses of life. With massage, Kelly will help release the tension in the body, while helping your mind & spirit deeply rest into the reset you need.


has been a licensed and practicing LMT in Ohio for 13 years. In addition to relaxation and spa treatments, she has extensive experience in many specialties. These include Ashiatsu, neuromuscular therapy (NMT), cranial distortion release therapy, prenatal massage, foot reflexology & Reiki. She can use a range of pressure from very light to firm & can work at a deep level with Ashiatsu.


has been a licensed massage therapist since 2016. She uses therapeutic massage techniques & gentle stretching to increase mobility & range of motion. Katie has experience doing sports massage & deep tissue work for athletes. She is skilled at performing postural assessments to identify imbalances in posture & gait. She uses neuromuscular techniques to release trigger points & she can also perform scar release. Katie can help reduce chronic pain from musculoskeletal disorders or help you relax. She uses a range of pressure from light to deep.


has been a practicing licensed massage therapist since 2014. Her modality is Ashiatsu, which can deliver as little as 5 lbs of pressure all the way up to 140 lbs of pressure. As a classically trained dancer, she is comfortable using her feet as a massage tool & can deliver effective, sustained, therapeutic pressure with the graceful longer strokes, repetition & rhythm that comes with a Swedish style massage. If you want the benefits of deep tissue work without the pain of receiving a deep tissue massage, Ashiatsu has you covered.


is a 2006 graduate of the massage therapy program at Columbus State University College. She has been an enthusiastic proponent of the many benefits of massage. She has worked with chiropractors in the past & specializes in therapeutic massage. If stress relief is your goal, she can also focus on relaxation techniques to promote a deep sense of calm. During her career, she has gained proficiency in several modalities, including Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, relaxation massage, cupping & heated bamboo fusion massage. Kimberly's experience and passion for massage translates into a desire to customize and create a professional and therapeutic experience for each client that walks through the door.


has been a practicing LMT since 2006. She specializes in therapeutic style massage to relieve pain & speed healing. Her practice has been focused on helping to ease the symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis, MS & fibromyalgia, as well as the pain that can accompany lost range of motion from frozen shoulder or past surgeries. Her style can be customized to whoever is on her table, whether they be an athlete, an office worker or medical professional (or a mix of all of the above). She is happy to bring on a deeply relaxed state with a more gentle touch or relieve what ails you with firmer pressure. She can also perform prenatal massage & cupping.


has been licensed in massage therapy since 2009 and esthetics since 2015. His type of massage varies from light, flowing Swedish to medium firm pressure with trigger point & reflexology. He sometimes uses reflexology as a highlight to his massages or can offer it as a stand-alone service. Reflexology is specialized pressure on nerve endings in the feet, which affects all areas of the body. His esthetics experience specializes in dermaplaning, which is a full resurfacing of the top layer of the skin of the face, as well as microcurrent, which is an electric current that both tightens & smooths the face. Bryan also offers all kinds of full body waxing services. You can't go wrong with any service from Bryan.


has been a licensed massage therapist for six years. His massage degree is from the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage & he has a Bachelor's in Exercise Physiology from the University of Cincinnati. He customizes treatments for his clients that are specific to their needs using several different techniques including deep tissue massage, Sports massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial release, scar tissue release, Active Release Technique (ART), Myo Skeletal & Swedish massage, amongst others. In some cases, he may introduce electrical muscle stimulation, stretching, heat, ice & traction depending on the situation. He can provide very deep pressure, but he also has the skill to provide a more nourishing touch as needed.


graduated from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in 2018 where she received certifications in both Swedish relaxation massage & trigger point therapy (NMT). Her pressure ranges from light to deep tissue. Alivia has a genuine desire to help others achieve a full, happy and healthy life. “You must take care of the body you have been given.” Cheers to living a long fulfilling life!


went to massage school in 1999 in California, where she focused on soft tissue manipulation & Swedish techniques. Her philosophy on pain management & stress uses a gentle approach that stimulates the parasympathetic system & allows the client to relax. Madison has continued her education to learn cupping, which is great for myofascial release, loosening tight muscles, encouraging blood flow & relieving pain, which can also reduce anxiety & fatigue. She got her esthetics license in 2009. She struggled with acne & wanted to help others find relief from that issue, as well as uncovering each clients' own healthy skin.



is a self-proclaimed skincare ingredient nerd who became interested in esthetics after suffering from allergies & product reactions. She needed to know what went wrong & how to fix her skin. In that pursuit, Lisa became an Advanced Esthetician to help herself & others. She specializes in customizing facials to the individual, dermaplaning, microcurrent, facial infusions, face & body waxing services & plans to continue her education to add more service offerings. She loves learning & passing on knowledge to her clients so they can achieve their best skin. With firmly rooted values & the belief that skincare products should be both clean & effective, she is delighted to be using Osmosis products in her services & to offer them for purchase. Lisa cannot wait to meet you, pamper you & to create a plan to meet your skincare goals!



has been a licensed Nail Technician since 2015. She is passionate bout the health of the natural nail & wants her clients to leave feeling confident about the look of their hands & feet when they head back out into the world. She also helps clients with ways to break bad habits, like nail biting & alleviating cuticle issues. She loves using our house-made Skylab products & has seen amazing results in her clients' cuticles & skin because of them.